Fire Alarm Compliance Is Crucial in Santa Cruz, CA

Make sure your building isn't falling behind

Every year, an inspection needs to be performed on your commercial fire safety system to make sure it's safe and functional. An inspector from Digital Guard can examine your building to ensure that it follows fire alarm compliance measures. We'll carefully look over your fire alarms, fire panels and emergency lighting to make sure everything is up to code. With our help, you can stay out of trouble with the fire marshal and the city.

We'll be glad to discuss fire alarm compliance with you in Santa Cruz, CA. Call us soon to arrange for a free estimate on your inspection.

Why choose us?

Digital Guard is the smart choice for commercial fire protection services in Santa Cruz, CA or surrounding areas in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.

Business owners trust us because:

  • We have 30 years of experience
  • We offer all of the services you need in-house
  • We can fix alarm systems that are not compliant
  • We can work on any system, no matter the age or brand

Put your building in the hands of our experienced and knowledgeable crew. Contact us today to improve your commercial fire protection plan.