Are Your Fire Alarms Working Properly?

Schedule a commercial fire alarm inspection in Santa Cruz, CA

The odds of a fire breaking out at your building may be slim, but don't take chances. If you want to detect a fire the moment it forms and prevent further damage, it's vital to have a functional fire alarm system. Digital Guard can make sure your fire alarms are ready to perform. We provide fire alarm inspections in Santa Cruz, CA and surrounding areas in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.

It's recommended to have your fire alarms inspected annually or semi-annually. No matter your preference, we'll be here to keep you safe and protected.

Contact us today to get fire alarm inspection services. We offer free estimates.

3 benefits of fire alarm inspections

There are many good reasons to get regular fire alarm inspection services in the Santa Cruz, CA area. With the help of a knowledgeable fire alarm inspector, you can...

  • Keep your employees and customers safe
  • Stay in compliance with city and state codes
  • Avoid penalties or charges from the fire marshal

Don't neglect your building's fire alarms. Call Digital Guard now to arrange for a professional fire alarm inspection.